How Dangerous is Scuba Diving

How Dangerous is Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can bring you to a completely different world, but to get there you need to have the right training otherwise it can be extremely dangerous.  Scuba is essentially an adventure sport and adventure sports don’t come without their own inherent dangers.  You need to know what you are doing and take all the safety precautions available to you.  If you wonder if how dangerous is scuba diving, the answer is very.  The danger comes in two parts, the first being the ocean and the second is the behavior of the diver.

Dangers of Scuba Diving in the Ocean

As a diver you need to understand what to expect in the water you plan to dive in and what risks you might encounter there.  There are marine life that don’t like company and will get aggressive when approached.  You need to understand what the current is going to be like underwater and the weather above.  The weather completely affects the current so diving in a hurricane is out.  You can get caught up in watching the sea life underwater and lose track of where you are and the current can take you far from your destination.

Dangers from the Diver

You should be certified to dive and have taken all the requisite courses to pass your certification.  You need to know how your equipment works and check it each and every time you dive to make sure it is working properly.  The diver has a certain level of responsibility for their own safety.  Once you get underwater you do not want to forget everything you were taught.  Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to safety absolutely anything could happen.  Dive with a friend who has more experience whenever you can.  Here is why you should never dive solo.

Only dive when you are completely healthy, diving when you have allergies, cold or if you are taking medication can lead to you becoming lethargic underwater.  Bear in mind when diving there are pressure changes and that can cause your ears to hurt.  Diving too deep or coming to the surface too fast can also cause you problems, that is known as ‘the bends’ and happens with changes in the pressure around you.  Don’t be reckless when scuba diving, most of these issues are from diver error which is completely avoidable.  Diving is supposed to be a fun sport, it isn’t fun when it lands you in the hospital or worse, the morgue.

So to answer the question “how dangerous is scuba diving?”  The answer is…very.

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