5 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Mexico

5 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Mexico

Mexico is an extremely fascinating and exciting place to visit, filled with lots of diversity and multifarious activities.   It has some of the most picturesque locations and more or less much has already been discovered as its beauty captivates all that visit there, making tourists reiterate their visit ad infinitum.

So moving on, we attempt to dive through the lesser explored, extraordinary secrets that are submerged within the gulf of mexico.

Yes you guessed it right i am talking about Scuba diving
I feel the ocean always has an captivating effect on people and the deeper one goes into the water, the more astonishing beauty one can witness, alternatively it is an amazing way to just leave the monotonous world behind and submerge into an breathtaking paradise, brimming with brilliantly vivid chromaticity reflecting off dazzling colorful fishes and prismatic corals.  Scuba diving is probably all shades of fun!
Pronto to the best part, this serene tranquility can be experienced in Mexico, FYI it doesn’t just end at that.
The diversity and uniqueness of locations in Mexico are sure to give any top notch island, a run for its money, so without further ado lets just plunge in.
Top five scuba diving destinations in Mexico
The beautiful blue waters in cancun have much more to provide than just endless shores, a hot spot for divers, cancun also has its own under water museum which is quite the rage, the whole experience here takes you through a mystical, magical world with stunning aquatic creatures and also get glimpses of awe inspiring antiquities.
This place has the most magnificent reef beds, fluctuating from various hues of bright beautiful colors and multitude of astir fishes just swiveling around you, welcoming your presence into their world.  This is a just a superb spot to be scuba diving in, especially if you intend on seeing tons of fish, as you definitely won’t be disappointed!
Costa Maya
The pristine sparkly clear waters assist to enhance your scuba diving experience in the costa maya, most popular for brilliant intensely hued marine fish, one can also spot turtles that flaunt various colors, diving here is sure to leave you mesmerized with its alluring marine life.
Cenotes of yucatan
A lesser known fact is that Mexico is said to have an legion of under water caves also called cenotes.
Diving through these enigmatical cenotes is definitely an experience that one must not miss, as the mysterious, magical experience of diving through dark caves and unknown tunnels is a very rare occurrence and is bound to leave you mystified.
Socorro island
Definitely not for the faint of heart, this diving spot is best known for the deeper darker dives into the shadows of the sea leading you to the vicinity of large carnivore fishes, such as sharks, whales, sting rays and many more, just hoovering all around, it is an definite go to for the thrill seekers for an absolutely exhilarating and sort of spine chilling experience.
Happy diving!

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